Lehane on the movie of GONE, BABY GONE

Though Dennis Lehane hasn’t been kept completely in the loop about the movie version of his fourth Kenzie/Gennaro novel, GONE, BABY GONE, he definitely approves one specific casting point: Michelle Monaghan. “I think she’s the
perfect Angie Gennaro,” Lehane told the Boston Herald. “I went and saw
‘Mission: Impossible III’ and when she started popping off rounds at
the end she was very Angie-like.”

The rest of the cast includes Casey Affleck as Kenzie (Lehane hasn’t seen him in a movie except for OCEAN’S ELEVEN and TWELVE) Ed Harris as police officer Remy Broussard and Morgan Freeman in a small role. And though he says "it looks good," it’s hard to judge from a distance.   “Right now I’m 1,500
miles away [in Florida, finishing up a semester teaching at Eckerd College] so I’m useless,” he said. “But I’m sort of following the
same playbook as I did with ‘Mystic River’: I sold it to you, now knock
yourself out. I’m here if you need me.”