Let’s let Mr. Secret Dead Man himself, Duane Swierczynski, fill you in on the details:

David Loeb Goodis Convention (GoodisCon)
Plus: Deen and Jay Kogan Award for Writers of Importance and Distinction


DLG was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 2nd, 1917 (90th

Birthday). He died in Philadelphia on January 7th, 1967 (40th

Anniversary of his death). David Goodis is best known for his major

contribution to American hard-boiled crime fiction via pulp fiction

writing (Dark Passage [1946]), hardback novels and paperback originals (Cassidy’s Girl [1951]).

What? A seminal meeting celebrating Philly Noir, featuring David Goodis and those influenced by his work.


This conference is the first planned yearly symposium to spotlight

writers of significance and importance. It will be a unique opportunity

for writers, fans, collectors and friends to get together and discuss

fine writing in a collegial setting. The intention is to allow all

attendees to meet, revel, discuss and experience the Philadelphia Noir

in a brand new way.


Philadelphia is the setting for GoodisCon 2007. Several different

venues will be utilized to capture the “spirit(s)” of David L. Goodis

and his wonderfully dark writing. These include, but are not limited to

Temple University, The Legendary Blue Horizon Boxing (#1 Boxing Venue

in the World), Yards Brewery and the Port Richmond Bookstore (PRBS).


January 5th, 6th and 7th 2007. Hotel, registration fee and schedule of

events TBA. The intention is to have three fun-filled days to celebrate

the life and writing of David L. Goodis in the spirit with which he

would have enjoyed it.

Contact: Lou Boxer ( and Deen Kogan (

I guess I know where I’ll be in early January, that’s for sure.