Edgar Week Day 2

Done in bulletpoint style because — surprise! — it’s another action packed day here at Casa Confessions.

  • The upstairs cafe at Borders on 57th and Park has never been so crowded. But with 20+ authors — including Janet Evanovich, Catherine Crier and many nominees and board members — it was bound to be.
  • It’s not a good idea to tell authors determined to stay with dialup connections how to optimize such connections for a faster net-surfing (and time-wasting) experience.
  • Can’t wait to see how all the pictures from the Borders event came out.
  • The Agents & Editors party was crowded, but not overly so, which is evidently the first time in years that has happened. Crowd limitations have their advantages…
  • Whispered conversation as S&S Publisher David Rosenthal introduced Mary Higgins Clark — Me: “he looks just like Rob Reiner!” K: “I know, I was just thinking the same thing!” Because he really, really does.
  • The MIRA gang were suitably ecstatic when Karen Harper won the MHC award for SPLIT IMAGE. Harper’s speech was effusive in her praise for Clark, saying that a talk the bestselling author gave in 1992 about writing inspired Harper to fully make the switch from historical romance to romantic suspense.
  • It was excellent to finally meet AHMM’s Linda Landrigan as well as her assistant Nicole and be able to thank them in person for accepting my story for the issue currently on newsstands.
  • And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the night was a blur. Thanks to all who came up and said nice things to me, and see most of you tonight.