Author Interviews all over the place

First up, and probably funniest, is thriller writer Brad Thor’s email interview with Dr. Blogstein that gets into book soundtracks, fear of terrorists, and fake presidents:

DB: How does the president in your novels, Jack Rutledge, measure up to other fake presidents such as Josiah Bartlet from The West Wing, David Palmer from 24, or George W. Bush from Crawford, TX?

BT: ROTFL. You’re a pretty funny guy, doc. Let me take these in order. Josiah Bartlet couldn’t go a single round with President Rutledge. Who’s going to train him? Josh? CJ? Mrs. McKlusky – “He’s a wrecking machine, Josiah…“

Presidents Palmer and Rutledge, though, mano-a-mano would be a helluva fight. Plus, Palmer’s got that bad paw with all that funky skin. That would be pretty cool, but I’m afraid if things got too tough, he’d tried to tag out to Jack Bauer. Then Scot Harvath would have to jump in and the ass whoopin’ would begin. Bauer’d be hurtin’ for a lot longer than 24 hours.

Next, as a preview of an event he’s doing on April 29 with the American Stage in St. Petersburg, Dennis Lehane talkes to the Bradenton Herald about the MYSTIC RIVER MOVIE, the idea behind CORONADO and now, directing his own play:

[The play] debuted off-off-Broadway in 2005

and had its area premiere at Eckerd College in January, directed by

American Stage’s producing artistic director Todd Olson.

Olson asked Lehane if he could direct the play at American Stage. Lehane, who enjoyed working with Olson, jumped at the chance.

“It has been a beast of a project,” Lehane said.

And Minette Walters is profiled by ABC Brisbane, where she discusses her newest novel, THE DEVIL’S FEATHER (which will be published here this summer by Knopf) and her favorite charity, Doctors Without Borders, with whom she visited Sierra Leone in the aftermath of the country’s civil war.