John Skinner, the man responsible for the Rebus walking tours in Edinburgh, has died at the age of 52. Ian Rankin, on his website, paid tribute to Skinner, saying that “I told him he was crazy to think that people would want to walk around John Rebus’s Edinburgh… and I was wrong.”

V.S. Naipaul’s getting cranky in print again, lambasting Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and “worst writer in the world” Henry James. Look, he might not be writing novels anymore, but when did he become such a curmudgeon? Oy…

Lee Child talks to the Bookseller about THE HARD WAY, writing with an eye towards commercial success and why Reacher’s newest love interest is special.

What’s in a pseudonym? Funny you should ask, as Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland — aka thriller writer Sam Bourne — expounds on this very subject.

The Des Moines Register catches up with Donald Harstad
(whose police procedurals are among the best in the genre) on how he got started and what’s coming up next — as long as a publisher is willing to take him on again.

A new Swiss exhibition takes a look at Patricia Highsmith’s life and work (hat tip: Mr. Champion)

And finally, thanks to all who attended last night’s event at Makor.

Finally, finally: this is just brilliant. (thanks, Sasha!)