Patrick Anderson gives his approval to Peter Abrahams’ END OF STORY, which I heartily agree with (no idea why it’s taken me so long to try one of his books. Maybe because he produces good stuff year after year and it’s taken for granted somehow?)

The Boston Globe’s Sam Allis feels similarly about Robert Crais’s THE TWO MINUTE RULE, currently topping the LA Times Bestseller charts.

You have to love a review that compares Kate Mosse’s LABYRINTH to Dana Carvey’s Church Lady. OK, maybe it’s just me….

Athol Fugard’s TSOTSI has garned much attention because of the movie based on it that was released last year. Now The Mail and Guardian’s Andie Miller documents the book’s slow, haphazard route to publication. (link from TEV.)

The Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-fiction has announced its longlist and what’s keeping this story afloat is the inclusion of a female blogger’s account of living in Baghdad in its current tumult.

Even though Mrs Gaskell wrote many of her celebrated books here, the city of Manchester has only now decided to designate her house as a landmark.

And finally, sometimes sleep disorders go a bit too far.