I can’t believe I missed this till now

But if you’re as clueless as I, let the Associated Press catch you up:

The premise of the movie is amusing enough: An evil crime lord

releases hundreds of deadly snakes on a commercial flight with only an

FBI agent played by Samuel L. Jackson to save the day.

But in the past few months something strange started happening. This

summer thriller — which isn’t due until August — spawned an underground

Internet fandom.

Why? The kitschy title, “Snakes on a Plane,” for one. And a leaked

line from the movie, “Enough is enough. I’ve had it with the snakes” —

which will surely be Jackson’s (and perhaps America’s) new catch phrase.

The response? Blogs, fake movie trailers, podcasts, fan-made T-shirts, buttons, posters, chat icons and fan fiction.

It’s gotten so out of hand that the filmmakers re-shot the movie to include the one line that all the fake trailers had – the title of the Josh Friedman blog post that pretty much got things rolling.

Snakes. On. A. Plane. Hahahaha.