Yet more smatterings

Carol Memmott looks at some new-ish political thrillers by Robert Ferrigno, Peter Schechter and Noel Hynd. Her colleague at USA Today, Deirdre Donohue, pretty much falls in love with David Liss’s change of direction, THE ETHICAL ASSASSIN.

Speaking of Ferrigno, he’s all over the National Review online as John J. Miller gives him a great write-up and the author talks to Kathryn Jean Lopez about the impetus for PRAYERS FOR THE ASSASSIN.

After writing a couple of dozen books about fishing and related subjects, Patrick McManus has turned his attention to crime novels, as he tells the Salt Lake City Tribune.

I missed this (though Ron covered it at Galleycat) but Stephen Colbert is getting a book deal of his own. Not that anyone knows what the book’s actually *about*, just that it’s Colbert being funny. Which is fine by me.

And finally, I had no idea Marie Arana and Jonathan Yardley were married — let alone that they have vastly different ideas on how to shelve books.