The Great Link Catch-up

Miss a week and things do tend to accumulate, don’t they…

Mystery Ink has announced the nominees for the Gumshoe Awards, which you can check out here. It’s great to see so many books I loved in 2005 recognized, and congrats to everyone nominated.

Just before LCC, Noir Originals launched its newest issue, whose contents positively make me salivate.

Shred of Evidence has announced its Readers Choice Awards, and a big hat tip to Dave White on winning for “Reptile Smile.”

On the mystery book reviewing front: Margaret Cannon reviews the latest by Stephen White, David Liss, Robert B. Parker, Ed Wright, Illona Haus and Nelson Brunanski; Dick Adler looks at new stuff by Paul Adam, Barbara Vine, Adrian McKinty, Mark de Castrique and Carolyn Hougan; Oline Cogdill looks at Randy Wayne White’s latest, while Patrick Anderson is underwhelmed with Thomas Perry’s; Ann Helmuth examines T Jefferson Parker’s new novel, while Susanna Yager looks at a pair by Stephen Miller and William Brodrick; Dorman Shindler liked Michael Gruber’s newest a hell of a lot more than I did, and yours truly dug John Boyne’s CRIPPEN.

Colleen Curran chatted with Michael Connelly about Harry Bosch, what he’s working on now, and other related stuff.

MWA Grandmaster Stuart Kaminsky gets his due in the Chicago Sun-Times on the heels of his newest release, TERROR TOWN.

Judy Stoffman talked with Jose Latour about settling in Canada after leaving his native Cuba behind.

Lois Greiman tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press about the links between mystery and romance and why she plays both sides of that fence.

The full text of Maclean’s interview with Hugh Hefner is now up, so read much more on the magazine’s influence on popular culture.

Jessica Keener’s piece on Doug Preston ran in the Boston Globe last weekend and is a must-read.

And finally, there’s nothing cooler than reading declassified confidential memos from the White House of old. Several decades old. I love research.