Did somebody say LCC?

Greetings from London, where I’m about to get some much-needed rest after several days of, ah, serious socializing. (That’s what you get for going to bed at 4 AM pretty much every night.) Which is to say that LCC was pretty damn brilliant and Adrian Muller & Myles Allfrey and their team of volunteers should get some kind of medals.

If you want to know who the ITW nominated for various categories, go here. Peter Guttridge won the Lefty and Tony Broadbent the Bruce Alexander (and so, congrats to the winners and those who tied for second place.) But something tells me what most of you are really after is some sort of report, which shall be handled in bite sized increments. (For more details, go ask John.)

Coming soon to a theater or bookstore near you: NIGHT BUS TO DUNDEE, THE CHOMPING DIVAS OF ABERDEEN, THE MAMMAROLOGIST, and Penguin’s Ragtag Group of Contortionists.

Russel’s passport photo looks more like Barry Eisler.

Don’t share an elevator with Sam Neill.

My short story panel (and thank you to the kind souls who showed up at 9 AM) was going quite all right until the fire alarm. Which would be the first of many.

spends far too much time working.

and Donna should stop worrying about their moderating skills because they were both ridiculously excellent. As is SATURDAY’S CHILD, which in a bit of a coincidence John and I both were reading at the same time on the way into London.

Bistro Three, Severnshed and The Mud Dock are great places to eat. Good thing because I was averaging about a meal a day.

I should seriously stop drinking Stella.

I want Alex Barclay’s fashion sense (and the Clowns Scare Me t-shirt.)

Having complimentary free wireless in the room rocked. So did the free breakfast but oddly, the one time I partook was the one day it cost me money.

Murder By the Book’s David Thompson and McKenna Jordan are awesome, though it was slightly ironic to meet them in Bristol.

I was somewhat embarrassed not to recognize Kevin straight off until the pattern continued all Friday night. So save this for next time, after the Switzerland visit.

Man, I had a great time. Thanks to everyone I met, old friends and new ones, for making it so.