There’s a plane that’s leavin’ soon for Bristol

OK, so it doesn’t scan quite as well as the original, but what can you do. In any case, tonight I leave for Merrie Olde England and the bacchanal that promises to be Left Coast Crime. If prior history is an indicator, it is highly, highly unlikely that I will be blogging, though I do promise detailed reports once I return to Manhattan soil next week.

This will also be the first time back in England since I lived in London 3 years ago, which means it’ll take me that much time to get used to the fact that people drive on the wrong side of the road (though I do hope that Bristol, like London, has directions written on the streets and sidewalks as to where to look. That really helped during my first week and thereafter.)

For those I’ve yet to meet in person – you all know who you are – very much looking forward. To those I haven’t seen in ages, likewise. And to those I don’t know yet, I’m sure after 4 nights in the bar, that will be taken care of.

Back in earnest after the 21st. See you then.