Last minute links

StorySouth has announced the notables for its Million Writers Award, and I’m pleased to announce that “A Sack of Potatoes,” which Megan Powell was kind enough to publish at Shred of Evidence, is on the list. Crime fiction zines did pretty well too, with stories published by Thug Lit, Thrilling Detective, SHOTS, and Crime Scene Scotland making the list.

And although the link isn’t live yet (it should be later this week) this, for me, is the money paragraph in my brother’s profile and analysis of Hugh Hefner for Maclean’s magazine:

[Hefner] came up with his much-copied, much-parodied way of dressing, with his smoking jacket and oversized pipe, partly based on the movies of his childhood and partly on mystery stories: “I was reading Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock Holmes hung out at his apartment all the time in a smoking jacket and smoked a pipe, so there may be a connection there.”

Will wonders never cease.