Hyping up the Edgars

It does seem like a good time to talk about the awards. I received my invite in the mail yesterday, the Symposium schedule is set, and Elites TV fetes the annual ceremony, which will take place this year on April 27:


you imagine an awards show where there is no style reporter doing a red

carpet analysis of what the nominees and presenters are wearing? Can

you imagine an awards show where the participants are brilliant artists

who, at most times, are able to move about restaurants and theaters in

Manhattan and the rest of the world in anonymity?

Now, imagine an awards event where professorial editors and family

replace anxious agents and managers; where your see sensible shoes and

basic booze in place of Xanax and Botox; and acceptance remarks aren’t

work for hire but actually written by the winners.

They also quote Executive VP Reed Farrel Coleman on one of the more memorable Edgar nights, when the late Jerry Orbach hosted and Liz Smith sang “Blue Moon” accompanied by Peter Duchin. But somehow I suspect there won’t be any streakers anytime soon…