The Burglar Diaries on TV

OK, I think this is phenomenally cool news (and will have to figure out a way how to see this when it airs next year): Danny King’s debut novel THE BURGLAR DIARIES, which was published by Serpent’s Tail in 2001 and made me laugh my ass off repeatedly, has been bought by the BBC for a six-part sitcom. King further reports on his website that “the pilot episode is written and now we’ve just got to jump through

a series of flaming hoops before the powers that be green light the series proper. We’re optimist [sic]. At the very least, I get to fill my bag with BBC headed-notepaper and Crackerjack pencils every time they invite me in for a meeting.”

Now that the green light has been given, Bex and Ollie will be brought to life and hopefully, so will Bex’s fabulous riff on the Ten Commandments, too.