If only the vaults would open some more

Anyone who’s paid attention to this blog for longer than 2 seconds will understand why I am super excited about this:

Shel Silverstein’s SHEL SILVERSTEIN’S AROUND THE WORLD, facsimile

reproductions of the author’s “Around the World” pieces that appeared

in Playboy Magazine from 1957 to 1968, including an introduction by

Mitch Myers, creative consultant to the Silverstein estate, to Trish

Todd at Touchstone Fireside, in a very nice deal, by Playboy

Enterprises International and the Silverstein estate (world).

No word yet whether all of the travel pieces (which began in 1957 when Shel went back to Japan for the first time since his Pacific Stars & Stripes cartooning days in the Army, fell off for a while due to injury then picked up in the late 60s with him going to Fire Island and Haight-Ashbury) will be collected or just a smattering, but a pretty extensive list of where he went as Playboy’s roving correspondent can be found here. (The only one available online is “Silverstein Plays Ball” where he got to try out with his beloved Chicago White Sox.)

Myers, of course, isn’t just the estate’s point man, but a well-regarded freelance journalist and Shel’s nephew.