Geezer noir has its day

Since the announcement is making the rounds, then I’ll do the same here: I’m really quite flabbergasted to be part of the lineup Duane Swierczynski’s assembled for DAMN NEAR DEAD, an anthology of all-original short stories featuring, shall we say, protagonists who could be card-carrying members of AARP if they weren’t too busy kicking ass and taking names.

There’s also a neat twist that Swierczynski explains:  “I’m going to be running the stories in age order, from

whippersnapper to grandmaster. So readers will finally be able to tell

who’s older: Megan Abbott or Jeff Abbott? Charles Ardai or Charlie

Stella? Gischler or Guthrie? White or Weinman?”

Yeah, let’s just say my story will appear pretty early on….

Look for the anthology in a shiny hardcover edition from Busted Flush Press this May.