Win, Best and Show

Sometimes, mostly to amuse myself, I play what I call the game of Link Gold. That is, to find the most obscure link possible related to the mystery world. And frankly, it’s been a while since I found something as good as this — which basically answers the question of what Jeffery Deaver’s been up to lately:

Yet another local dog has had his day at the
130th annual Westminister Kennel Club Show in New York. On Tuesday,
Chance, a 3-year-old briard, owned by Jeffery Deaver of Chapel Hill and
Madelyn Warcholik of Hillsborough, won an award of merit in a best of
breed competition.

Chance’s registered name is K’Instant Chance Success Moravia Campenella.   

“We’re delighted. The competition was very stiff,” Deaver said in a
telephone interview from Madison Square Garden, where he and Warcholik
were attending the show.

“He loves to be in the ring. He had a grin on his face the whole time,” Deaver said.   

Deaver and Warcholik entered a total of 4 dogs for the show, and another one — Kiyara the Intimidator — won an award on Monday for best of opposite sex for her breed.

The overall winner of the Kennel Club show was Rufus, a tan-and-white mix that was the first of his breed to win at what’s considered to be the nation’s most prestigious show.