Out and about for the most part today so links will be delivered bullet-style:

Ed Gorman has begun a fabulous ongoing series of “Pro-Files” of wonderful and underrated writers like Andrew Coburn, Graham Masterton and Marijane Meaker (who’s just finished a new novel as Vin Packer that she’s shopping around. Yay!)

Patrick Anderson wishes Robert B. Parker would fall out of love with his protagonists already.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune finds out why Jim Born balances life as a cop and life as a writer.

Sean Doolittle gets a great review from the Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star, who also gives RAIN DOGS a super cool altern-title.

Robert Ferrigno fills the Contemporary Nomad Boys into how the marketing campaign for his new book PRAYERS FOR THE ASSASSIN came to be — and why you should really check out Republic World News as much as you can.

And finally, I loved this. Sure don’t need to read the book now!