Conference check-in

So how were this past weekend’s twin mystery conferences? David Montgomery shares his spiel on the Chicago-based Love is Murder conference:

I usually enjoy these smaller conferences a lot, as you have the

chance to talk to people in a more intimate way. So often at

Bouchercon, it’s all just nodding and waving from across the room.

(Granted, you do get to wave at a lot more people.)

But at Love is Murder, I was actually able to talk to several good writers and friends…if you go to a conference like this, you can meet and talk to a lot of

fine writers, both famous and unknown, and other industry pros. Doing

so can be fun and entertaining, and it can also be informative and


Jon Jordan adds his — with pictures — over at Central Crime Zone.

As for Murder in the Magic City, Kathy McMullen had a great time meeting “famous people” who in her words, “were friendly and personable and genuinely pleased that their fans had

turned out to learn from them — and, of course, buy their books.” Hell yeah. Later this week, check back for  Susan McBride and Harley Jane Kozak’s report on MMC and last Sunday’s Murder on the Menu in Wetumpka (which I only knew as Elizabeth Spiers‘s hometown, not a hotbed of mystery fandom. Who knew?)

UPDATE: McBride’s account is now up and features the most hilarious “cozy-noir” plot synopsis, like ever. Or as she put it, “It’s fresh, it’s hip, it’s cozy meets noir! Wouldn’t you rush to the store to buy it?  If I were drinking heavily, by God, I would!”