Bill Cosby ain’t such a nice guy

So it looks like the once-beloved comedian might have his dirty laundry aired in court:

A federal judge ruled yesterday that comedian Bill Cosby – in

response to a sexual-assault suit – will have to answer questions about

alleged sexual affairs and use of prescription and controlled


U.S. District Judge Eduardo C. Robreno’s order provided the first

hint that the case may extend beyond the 10 anonymous women who have

been named as “Jane Doe” witnesses in court documents.

Robreno wrote in his 27-page ruling that Cosby would have to answer

questions about other alleged “victims of sexual misconduct by

defendant beyond the already self-identified… Jane Doe witnesses.”

Oy, what a mess. But instead of being shocked, I’m having a hard time getting images of Cosby, circa 1969, puffing away on his cigar and laughing at Tyson Clay’s jokes during an episode of PLAYBOY AFTER DARK* while being surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women looking unbelievably bored.

*For those wondering why I was watching this, I was looking for this particular episode, but the Museum of Television & Radio didn’t have it.