Add another one to the serial killer annals

Meet 48-year-old Juana Barraza, recently arrested in Mexico on suspicion of being the “Little Old Lady Killer”:

The suspect, identified as Juana Barraza, 48, told reporters at the

scene of the latest killing Wednesday that she had killed 82-year-old

Ana Maria Reyes — but she denied involvement in at least seven similar

murders of elderly women since 2003.

However, police said evidence linked Barraza to at least 10 other killings.

Barraza was held outside Reyes’ home by officers, who allowed reporters to interview the suspect, a standard practice in Mexico.


I did it,” Barraza said. She quickly added, “Just because I’m going to

pay for it, that doesn’t mean they’re going to hang all the crimes on


Asked if she was the serial killer, Barraza said, “No.”

Asked how many murders she had committed, she replied, “This is the


Well, except for the fact that your prints showed up at 10 other murder scenes, and possibly more…