Everything to see over there

Research, appointments and various other unimportant things will keep me away for much of today. But it’s probably a good time to remind one and all that I’m still holding the fort (and then some) over at Galleycat, where today’s offerings include a nice dump of data about where books are set, how they are priced and what format dominates, as well as the announcement that Keith Ablow’s getting his own talk show. I know I probably have no basis for thinking this, but it just strikes me as very, very odd.

Also, for those like me who are too damn lazy* to read blogs a la RSS, Graham Powell launches the wonderful Crimespot, which collates most every crime fiction-related blog into one page. It’s the genre version of Metaxucafe, in other words.

And even though this was published a while back, this piece in the Berkleyan about one man’s quest to catalog every Bay Area mystery is very cool.

And finally, it’s a Conservative minority government, which is about what I expected.

*where lazy = tabbed browsing on Firefox, cached links and my ability to memorize URLs. Seriously.