On the International crime front

The Bookseller reports on a new Dutch thriller that, frankly, I’ll have to read now:

Bitter Lemon Press has bought world English rights in De eetclub (The Dining Club) by Dutch crime writer Saskia Noort.

De eetclub is about a murder within a group of friends, and has followed Noort’s debut Terug naar de kust (Back to the Coast) on to the Dutch bestseller lists. Rights have been sold in 13 countries.

Sadly, my Dutch is rather pathetic, but looking through Noort’s official website, it looks like THE DINING CLUB was first published in her native country in 2004 after 2 prior novels. Not surprisingly, Crimezone.nl (which is probably the best crime fiction website in a language I can’t understand) has a good writeup of the author and her books as well.