Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire

Or maybe I’m just easily amused by Sara Gran’s particular mode of response:

Confidential to “PW” in

NYC: I’m glad to hear that you don’t “blame” me. I don’t blame you for

anything, either, and I’m really pleased that we’re moving from a place

of blame/guilt to a place of understanding; I think this is a big step

forward in our relationship /friendship /romance whatever- you-want-to-call-this-crazy-thing-we’re-doing!!!!!! So I

really appreciate your not “blaming” me for –well, whatever the fuck

you might blame me for, I really don’t know — but a part of any

relationship is honesty…

So, our next step in this

crazy relationship is: Working on Our Listening Skills. But I still

love you, and I hope you love me too.

Because that PW is so easy to love, don’t you know…