The CWA follies continue

And I know you’re probably all sick to death of the topic, but there’s a bit more mileage I can wring out of it, I’m sure:

  • First, my Galleycat post on Boyd Tonkin’s Independent article which unmasks the unsavory side of the CWA’s new sponsor, Duncan Lawrie bank;
  • Bob Cornwell has a follow-up essay on Tangled Web on the whole business;
  • Larry Gandle asked Philip Gooden some questions (scroll down a bit for them) about the new direction the CWA is taking, as well as what the early award date will mean: a shorter time between shortlist and award announcement, and a shorter eligibility period (which will run between July 2005 and April 2006, then sort itself out completely the year after.)
  • Gooden also added in a follow-up email that “it seems that the Ellis Peters award will now be run with

    input from the CWA but will no longer carry  the ‘dagger’ addition to

    its title. It will also continue to awarded later in the year,” possibly keeping the traditional October date.