Best. Book Idea. Ever.

At least, I know I’d read this:

Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked, the story of Oz told from the

Wicked Witch’s perspective, has completed a novel told from the point

of view of the Smurf-hating sorcerer Gargamel. “I thought this

much-maligned man worthy of closer scrutiny, perhaps even sympathy,”

Maguire said. “His lust for the Smurfs’ gold can’t entirely explain his

actions. His creation of Smurfette, his uneasy partnership with Azrael,

his possibly forbidden feelings for his assistant Scruple—there’s

definitely more than meets the eye.”

Of course, if HarperCollins is to release this, I suspect it would be under the ReganBooks imprint…

(thanks to Bookninja for the link)