The Moss has landed

So a long long time ago in a blog post far away — a little over a year ago, in fact — I entertained the backblog masses with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek writeup about Australia’s #1 bestselling crime writer, Tara Moss. And at that time, I wondered why no publisher had elected to take on those oh-so-fab thrillers and publish them in North America.

Well, blog posts accumulate, life goes on, and I forgot about the ex-model turned writer celeb. That is, till I walked into my local B&N and happened to browse the mass market paperback stacks — to find this.

And you know what, I feel kind of sad. Surely with her breathless bio, earnest demeanor and way with clothing — you know, platform with a capital “P” (and I ain’t just talking shoes here) — she could have landed a hardcover deal? I mean, what’s the incentive to fly over all the way from Oz for a mass market PBO (with a cover doing a fairly bad imitation of one of the Anita Blake novels) which will only disappear from the stacks by Christmas?

Poor Tara. Though she does have a way with a gun…