Walter Mosley and his new publisher

The subject header pretty much sums it up, but here’s the deal report from late last week:

Walter Mosley’s KILLING JOHNNY FRY: A Sexistentialist Novel, an erotic

noir about a man whose world is upended when he catches his girlfriend

with another man, and begins a dark, comic, and explicit sexual odyssey

in search of a new way of life, to Karen Rinaldi at Bloomsbury, his

first book there (but a “one-off” rather than a shift in primary

publisher), for publication in winter 2007, by Gloria Loomis of Watkins

Loomis (world English; German).

Rumors were going around a few months back that Little, Brown (Mosley’s longtime publisher) had cut him loose, so if that was actually the case, it’s good to see him being picked back up. Of course, whether Bloomsbury can rein in his tendency to write all across genres (with varying degrees of success) is another matter…