Peter Robinson Update

The author of the Inspector Banks series is recovering well from his mild heart attack last month at the Calgary Wordfest. He sent a message to the Crime Writers of Canada membership as follows:

“I would like to thank all the CWC members for their get-well wishes, and for the present Rick Blechta so kindly brought by. Be assured that the wine will not go to waste, though it might take me a bit longer to drink it than under normal circumstances! I had a mild heart attack in Banff, where I was appearing as part of the Calgary Wordfest. It didn’t happen onstage, and it was definitely a heart attack, not a stroke. Fortunately one of the volunteers was a retired doctor and was able to get me the necessary treatment before any serious damage was done. I’m now back home in Toronto recovering and putting the finishing touches to the next Inspector Banks novel, which just happens to be called PIECE OF MY HEART (ed. the book’s due out next spring.)”

He added that his doctor says that if he carries on as normal (but doesn’t overdo it) he’ll be back to strength in a few weeks, perhaps (with the right diet, exercise, and drugs) better than before. I know I’m not the only one heartened by this news.