Soho Crime adds some new faces

It’s funny how far in advance the publishing world works. Just as Soho Press sends out their spring/summer catalogue, they’re gearing up for next fall with a couple of intriguing offerings reported over at Publishers Marketplace:

Henry Chang’s debut mystery/thriler CHINATOWN BEAT, about a

Chinese-American NYPD detective who knows that in Chinatown there’s USA

justice and there’s Chinatown justice, meted out by the tongs,

gangleaders, and their enforcers, to Laura Hruska at Soho Press, by

Dana Adkins and Alfredo Santana at Santana-Tatsuuma International


At first glance, this sounds like the love child of S.J Rozan’s Lydia Chin novels and Martin Limon’s Sueno and Bascom detective series — which would please me to no end…

Then there’s this:

Time magazine Jerusalem bureau chief Matt Rees’s THE COLLABORATOR OF

BETHLEHEM, the first in a series featuring a Palestinian detective, to

Laura Hruska at Soho Press, by Lisa Erbach Vance at the Aaron Priest

Literary Agency, on behalf of the Deborah Harris Agency (NA).

Rees’s first book, CAIN’S FIELD: FAITH, FRATRICIDE AND FEAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST was published by the Free Press in 2004, and not surprisingly, builds on his work with Time Magazine.