Caleb Carr runs for office

While other people concern themselves with Al Franken’s Minnesota Senate bid, I find this a hell of a lot more amusing:

In the offices of The New York Times, Caleb Carr’s name may mean

something, but in Rensselaer County’s District 5, it doesn’t ring many


Carr, the best-selling author of “The Alienist” and a Bard College professor, says he doesn’t mind.

“It is absolutely fine with me,” the Cherry Plain resident said. “Book authors are kind of the low end of celebrity.”

The Democrat is one of four men running for two seats on the Rensselaer County Legislature representing District 5.


said he wants to bring his knowledge of homeland security to county

government. He has a degree in military and diplomatic history and

recently has focused his studies on terrorism.

Can Carr pull this off? No clue, but like Michael at Bookslut, I find this rather awesome.