Calm before the fast

Maybe it’s the torrential downpour, or maybe it’s the fact that all I really want to do is eat and drink before I have to spend what seems like 25 consecutive hours in synagogue atoning for my sins. But frankly, I could use a bit of extra cheer, and book news ain’t doing it. So instead, I direct you over to the Memory Project to reminisce about your parents’ record collection (I’ve already added my thoughts) and to what has to be my favorite Time-Waster Ever (which I’ve probably linked to in the past, but it bears repeating): Frank’s Vinyl Museum. How can you not appreciate the sheer and unadulterated brilliance of Muhammad Ali vs. Tooth Decay? Or the Ethel Merman Disco Album? Or Polka Disco (or is it Disco Polka?)

Enjoy. Oh, and here’s what lots of folks will be looking for….