The impending new year

It seems somehow appropriate that a great many things are converging at once. There’s the Jewish New Year, which begins tonight (and for which, blessedly, cooking is nearly complete.) There’s the new gig that I’m starting — or really continuing, and sharing. There’s my brand-spankin’ new office at work (even if it’s rather similar to the old one.) And there’s my recent short story sale to AHMM, which makes even a jaded girl like me feel like a little kid getting a birthday present.

And then there’s this blog, two years old today and still operating under the same daily principle that somehow, in some way, there will always be something new to seek out, something different to say, some conversation to begin. I suspect over the next while the emphasis will be narrower — skewed more towards the “crime fiction” side and less on “more”, to steal from my tagline — and likely less frequent, but since I never had much of a master plan to begin with, I’m not about to create one now.

So whether your new year begins tonight or in January, whether you have good news to celebrate or hope to have some in the near future, here’s to each and every one of you who’s ever chanced upon Confessions, who has been there from the beginning, and who still find a reason to come back. Thank you so much, because without all of you, so much of what I do, here and elsewhere, simply wouldn’t be.

Shana Tova, and see you back a bit later on this week.