Moving right along

After the last few weeks, I am sorely tempted to rename this month Stress-tember. Which isn’t to say there hasn’t been good news (see the updated clips section for such) but that my brain has been possessed by forces so deep and persuasive — and that’s not including the fatigue-inducing virus that will not go away — that it seems like a good idea to call it a week. Check back Sunday for the Weekend Update and Monday for a report on what happened at the Great Read in the Park. Then it’s Jewish Holiday time and well, that means much eating, some sleeping and no blogging.

But before I go, it seems remiss not to point all of you to a couple of excellent reads coming your way now and soon. In the “now” category is Duane Swierczynski’s THE WHEELMAN, deserving of all the hype and more, and in the “soon” (OK, February) category is Robert Ferrigno’s PRAYERS FOR THE ASSASSIN, which is bigger and broader and smarter than so many books out there at the moment, but it also does everything a great thriller should — entertain and keep the pages turning.

Happy weekend.